Sir, I Can Explain


Major Jennifer O’Shane, U.S. Army, is ordered by the President on a top secret assignment to INTERPOL. The mission: Find and destroy a giant international human trafficking operation. Instantly, she’s thrust into the midst of a crime syndicate of unimaginable scale.

She parachutes into the mountains of Argentina, plumbs the depths of the Mississippi River, and boards a storm-tossed ship in the Caribbean. She faces off with a sadistic crime boss on a personal vendetta and uncovers terrorist connections to the slave trade. She is hailed as a hero for saving the life of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, only to be arrested a month later. She is stonewalled, harassed and threatened at every turn.

Why does Jenny go from hero to pariah? How can she convince senior leaders of the scope and breadth of the human trafficking operation? Sir, I Can Explain is a rollercoaster ride of excitement with a finale that will curl your toes.

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“I love Jenny O’Shane…where has she been? More importantly, this is a story that needs to be told…”

—Charley Richards, COL, US Army (Ret), former Florida
Sarasota County Commissioner and President of the
Florida County Commissioners Association.

“Great read! Action packed…a page turner. Jenny O’Shane is a new breed of warrior. Can’t wait for her future exploits.”

—Commander Tim Leighton, USN (Ret), Naval Aviator and
retired airline pilot. USCG Licensed 100 Ton Captain