Slavery in Our Backyard

It’s happening more frequently than even I thought. Did anyone notice the article today about the Brit couple keeping three Pakistani women as slaves in their home? I believe its the third day in a row that another article appeared.

It appears that Sarasota-Bradenton area – my neighborhood – has the largest sex-slave trade in Florida. That’s disgusting. And the average age of the girls involved is reported to be in the 13-14 range. We’ve got to find a solution. There’s an organization in the area that is trying to set up a home to shelter those who can escape, but the psychology of the system in which the girls become addicted (they come to believe their pimp is the only one who really can provide for them in spite of the abuse) keeps them going back to their pimp and into the prostitution business. There’s got to be a solution. Any ideas out there?

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