Killer In Our Midst

It’s time to comment on the terrorist Nadal Hassan. Using his military title is repugnant to me, so I’ll simply refer to him as Hassan. He’s a disgusting human being who is a waste of space. Anyone who can indiscriminately gun down unarmed men and women and then cower behind his religious beliefs doesn’t deserve the benefit of our free society. We offer a trial and appeals process that he stole from his victims; the very people who volunteered to defend his right to those benefits.

My regret is that Hassan now has the opportunity for automatic appeal that is the US military system of justice. That’s too bad. He’ll sit in his cell for years (at a cost to US taxpayers of around $60,000 per year) with the opportunity for continuous communications with others that will allow him to spout his jihadist mentality and proclaim his upcoming ‘martyrdom.’ Other countries would have much easier and rapid results. None of us would want the other elements that that sort of justice system includes, but sometimes I wish our country could find quicker resolution in dealing with monsters like Hassan.

I have concern because of my belief that there a many more terrorists embedded in our society. They remain silent until it’s time to strike. Scary business.

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